Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The Green Water Treatment Plant on Cesar Chavez between San Antonio and the creek is being decommissioned. Later (when times are better?) the valuable downtown plot will be the site of another multi-use development. (This is the view from our balcony so we wonder how much of Long Center and Lady Bird Lake will be blocked by the development.)

The large pool once held water being treated (see here at bottom of photo) but now it is empty. And empty is the theme day for City Daily Photo for the first of July. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.


  1. Good empty shot. I still know those places you mentioned as Palmer Auditorium and Town Lake.

  2. Yeah...I still want to type 'Town Lake,' too. I've gotten used to Long Center since they kept Palmer for the place next door that is completely new (Palmer Events Center). Heck, I remember seeing stuff at the Coliseum. That's gone and the land is part of Butler park now. I think it's like our streets that change names and have funny's to throw people off. They changed 1st Street to Cesar Chavez and 19th to MLK, too, and I still say otherwise sometimes.

  3. Good choice for the monthly theme day.