Saturday, August 14, 2010

Natural World on the Move

This art car was parked on Taylor Draper the other day, taking advantage of a shady spot on a hot day. It wasn't abandoned and has come and gone several times since. It is decorated in a 'natural' style with astro turf, real branches and leaves, etc. The dashboard is covered with rocks and the 'theme' continues in the interior. People's cars say a lot about them, but I'm not sure about this message.


  1. Too funny. This was not the current owners original conception. However the current owner has added to the the moving piece of art. So if there was a message sent from the owner to the world at large it would be: "I am free of others opinions of me!" hahahaha

  2. This car is entered in Houston's annual Art Car Parade. If you have not gotten out to see the parade before, you would like what you see. Houston has a lot of amazing artists.