Thursday, June 30, 2011

Downtown Drama

If you live in the Austin area, you have surely heard about the huge planes of glass on the W Hotel's balconies that have been falling into the street. Now the city has restricted sidewalk and street traffic all around the hotel until they can replace all the panes. I shot this photo yesterday morning. On the lowest balcony you see two panes that are missing. On the fifth balcony up you see that the second pane from the left is gone. The whole hotel had to be evacuated and both condo residents and hotel guests were affected. Linda and I were eating lunch in their restaurant Monday when the first panes fell. (The ones shown above.) When we tried to walk home, we were rerouted by guards who told us there was "construction" going on. The next day, several other panes dropped to the street. A friend of ours was transferred to the Hilton. What a hassle.

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