Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Native Home of the Cowboy

We sometimes use the Capitol Grounds as a thoroughfare and sometimes walk there as a destination. The other day I noticed this statue and read the inscription. The artist is Constance Whitney Warren. She was a New Yorker who went to Paris (to study sculpture I assume) and produced this piece there. The governors of New York and Texas arranged in 1925 to have it donated to Texas "as a memorial gift to the native home of the Cowboy." Well, we still see lots of hats and boots!


  1. I like how reflects the wild and untamed horse. Very good sculpture.

  2. I have a question about the grounds around the capital, do you see many homelss in this area? If so could you please email me thanks!

  3. I never really see a lot of homeless people in the area around the Capitol. The grounds are patrolled by Capitol Police. Homeless people are seen in the nearby parks and downtown streets and around the Town Lake trail much more often.