Friday, January 17, 2014

Feeding time

We went for a walk around the lake today and strolled past the feeding site for so many ducks and swans.  They were definitely getting their fill.


  1. Our city park used to have ducks on the one larger lake. And I used to feed them every morning, especially in the winter. I would lug back to them a 50 pound bag of corn and dump it on the ground. But, eventually, the ducks led to geese and they would almost attack people who came to the park to eat their lunches. So they found a man who had a lake on his property and all the ducks and geese were taken there and released. They made the big lake like a swimming pool with cement and no ducks ever land on it now.

  2. There are ducks of several varieties, swans, some geese I think, egrets (who find their own meals, thank you). I think there are more this time of year...on vacations from colder winter spots!