Saturday, November 29, 2014

Shooting near our condo

At 2:21 Friday morning, I was rousted out of bed by a series of gunshots which were being fired at the Federal Courthouse diagonally across from our building -- first about twelve rounds from what sounded to be a hand gun and then about fifteen explosive rounds from a large weapon. The shooter was later cornered at the Police Station where he did major damage to the front of the building with an automatic weapon. He also did a number on the Mexican Consulate where he tried to plant propane canisters that were supposed to catch fire. The small fire that resulted was extinguished before it could do any harm. He was killed at the police headquarters. Whether he died by a shot from an officer who had a bead on him or by his own hand, we do not know yet. This photo is of Nueces Street where law officers put markers near the slugs they found on the street. I took it from my balcony.

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  1. Rather unnerving, wasn't it? (I'm thinking of August, 1966.)