Friday, May 8, 2015

Under Mopac

Our walks often take us on loops on the Butler Trail around Lady Bird Lake. At the Mopac highway bridge there is a pedestrian bridge underneath called the Crenshaw Bridge.  (Mopac is our nickname for Loop 1 which is in true Austin fashion not a loop but is partially built on Missouri Pacific Railroad right-of-way). Here you see FFP navigating across to the south shore. Although we have lots of places to walk we only have six places to cross the lake: Pleasant Valley Road (which is really far away, maybe three miles); IH35 (which is now pretty convenient with the addition of the boardwalk on the south shore with access to its pedestrian walkway but is still a couple of miles away); Congress Avenue (pretty convenient but the pedestrian walkway has no barrier to cars); the Drake (South First) Bridge (which is our go-to crossing, less than a half mile from the house with a separate pedestrian area); the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge which is near Lamar and avoids Lamar's very dangerous narrow sidewalk which you are now not supposed to use; and this bridge which we don't usually use to get somewhere since it's almost two miles away but use in making a loop for exercise.

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  1. Dallasite JerryMay 8, 2015 at 3:08 PM

    FFP may soon have to switch to shorts -- it's getting hotter in Texas.