Saturday, October 1, 2016

Elvis Has Left the Building

It's the first of the month and readers know what that means: theme day. The theme is 'abandoned.' The 6th Street Cool Store on the east side has, unfortunately, been abandoned and it looks like from construction next door that it may be part of some new gentrification. In spite of the broken window and padlock on the door, the Our Lady of the Guadalupe and Elvis remain. It is interesting that Our Lady's spot was once occupied by dolphins in an earlier picture on the blog. Click here to see how others have interpreted the theme of abandoned.


  1. Just by looking at the plywood on the building, you can tell this structure has seen better days. I'm sure, though, with Elvis & Our Lady welcoming people, this once was a "cool store". Nice find!

  2. Maybe they changed dolphins to Our Lady to try to protect the business, don't they?