Tuesday, December 15, 2020

We Are Back


This is FFP walking through a park. We gave up in October  when the portal was having trouble, but we are still listed in the new portal and one (1) person complained about the loss of the Daily Austin fix. We aren't leaving Austin at all for the foreseeable future so I figured I could post some pictures here since I've been taking scores to entertain folks on Facebook


  1. I'm glad you're back. Been following for a while. First found you while looking for old Austin photos. We have a strange connection -- we built Katy Nail a chicken coop years back. Saw you at an exhibition of hers, but wasn't sure it was really you. I should have said hi.

  2. Yep. FFP wrote a story on Katy. And, long ago on her mother, Francis.

  3. Ha! Was it me, the complainer? I think I did. So I'm happy to see you back! Glad to see FFP out and about. And the shadow head behind!

  4. Actually I just got a snail mail Christmas card complaining about shutting it down. I forgot you complained. So two!!!

    1. Well, then, now we know!! Your audience has doubled. One of these days you could go viral for something. You never know. Happy to check in on you again.....