Saturday, May 9, 2009

Going UP!

The skyline is lurching into a changed configuration, but it is likely to remain static for a while after the underway buildings are finished because starts have been delayed or abandoned due to the economy. Just right of center is the Austonian which will be the tallest building in Austin. (I believe the 44th story was going on here and it will be 56 stories.) To its right in the foreground is the Ashton, topped but not finished, which is an apartment building. This was taken on Wednesday, May 6. The crane further to the left is on the Four Seasons residences.

This view is from the Headliners Club in the Chase building where we had gone to hear a lecture on downtown Austin.

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  1. Thanks for the pic and the commentary. I hadn't known the name of the new tall building is the Austonian.