Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Auction Oaks

That's FFP admiring the Auction Oaks. These trees (live oaks) are probably two hundred years old and are in Republic Park. The building behind is our home. The lots for the original downtown Austin (then Waterloo) were auctioned under these trees in 1839 to lay out the new capital city of the Republic of Texas. They have been recently revitalized by city arborists in their home in Republic Square Park. Another awesome live oak survives a couple of blocks west of here, too, next to a bank parking lot.


  1. Sometimes a photo can really take you on a train of thought. Looking at myself two blocks from our new home somehow took me back three years or so ago when we first saw a rendition of the 360 online and said, "Well, we can't wait to be living there."

    What a massive transition this move has been -- such a change in lifestyle for us-- and yes, we're loving it.