Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Mural in Town

This summer an artist named Shawn Gillepsie painted a new mural along Eighth Street on the Wall by Hickory Street Bar and Grill. There are many characters in the mural and the above is one detail. In some of the news coverage I saw that these naked (yet primly covered) ladies were receiving a few tsk-tsks. Turns out that there is a good reason for their lack of attire: they are reading a brochure about Hippie Hollow. While I question whether there is a brochure about it, Hippie Hollow is a rocky 'beach' (using the term loosely) on Lake Travis where clothing is optional. Our recent drought may have rendered it more or less a beach, but now I understand this inclusion in the "Life in Austin" mural. These ladies are sun worshipers!

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