Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vacant Lot

That's the Capitol beyond the vacant lot in this picture. Why am I showing you this, with the dull graded lot in the foreground? Because the lot will contain an eight-story Federal Court House, built with stimulus money. I thought we should track the progress of this project, starting with the ground. Will we be able to see the Capitol when this is finished? My guess is no. What do you think?

This lot, by the way, used to contain an unfinished shell of a building built by Intel during the last bust. It was imploded in 2007 to make way for this project after the city talked Intel into selling the land to the Feds.


  1. Thanks for this info! I drive by this lot every day and noticed the changes this week. I'm glad to hear that it's only going to be 8 stories though... I don't know if I have the patience to wait for ANOTHER high rise clogging up the traffic!

  2. Actually this will probably take as long and do as much to clog things as a high rise. They are going to permanently close San Antonio on the east side, remove parking (maybe permanently all around) and its completion sounds like a high rise schedule! But it will look better than the scrubby signs, junk and bike track that was occupying the lot even under construction!