Thursday, December 17, 2009

The grackles are coming!

Here's a shot I took at twilight a few nights ago. For some reason, flocks of grackles seem to like alighting on the top level of the parking garage across the street from our condo tower. They remind me of that Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds."


  1. Those grackles are the craziest birds I have ever seen! I never knew what a grackle was until I moved here. They are swarming all over Austin. Did you know there is a documentary on the grackle? Seems they are a pretty intelligent birds.

  2. I have watched them all my life. The males make a big deal of catching a bug or whatever and then holding it high, with their beaks turned upwards, while strutting around to catch the females' attention.

  3. Those grackels on that roof explain my wife's car's appearance. She's been trying to not park under the lights, but apparently that's a useless gesture given the sheer numbers up there.