Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'll be good! I promise!

I did some South Congress (SoCo) shopping a couple of weekends ago and walked past the cages where an animal rescue outfit keeps dogs who need a home. This one was so cute--he was making eyes at people, tyring to find someone who would take him home.


  1. Oh golly, how I wanted to take that dog home with me. But after 26 years of having doggies and living in a high rise now, we just aren't up to the hassle. Especially with three very elderly parents to cope with. Those little critters tug at your heartstrings, don't they?

  2. Hey Forrest -

    Just so you know...APA needs foster parents! You can take a dog for a few days or a few weeks, just depending.

    They have saved 3,000+ in just under two years - 99 percent come off Euth list at the pound.

    Sometimes it's nice to fulfill your puppy breath quota for a couple of days before sending the doggie on its way to a permanent home.

    I'm on numbers seven and eight for the year right now. A darling beagle x pup and a lhasa/poo in TERRIBLE shape.

    A nice alternative to the lifelong committment that still allows for cute dog time.

    Lisa Max