Saturday, June 5, 2010

There Was a Lady Who Lost Her Shoe

I was in a hurry to get to an appointment today so I was cutting across the diagonal walk through Republic Park. As I hurried along, I saw this strange sight of a perfectly good shoe just sitting in the grass by itself. Even though I was in a rush, I felt compelled to whip out the trusty iPhone and take a shot. I really wonder what the story is behind this shoe.


  1. Abandoned shoe pictures could be a sub-genre of the Daily Photo businesses. I see them surprisingly often but in the middle of the park? Very weird.

  2. The strangest thing was that it didn't look like a worn-out junker that someone just threw down like trash. Part of it was so shiny it looked like patent. One theory I've had is that some art director for a magazine was having a photo shoot in the park and a costume assistant got careless and dropped it on the way out.

  3. Or someone had a late night picnic and dropped it and never noticed...if they were walking back to the car/condo barefoot!