Sunday, June 27, 2010

West Austin Communications

If you walk from our condo to Tenth and West Lynn, you will notice the rise in elevation. Which is why this communications tower was placed there I'm sure. Further out west as the Hill Country rises more there are other sleek towers streaking skyward but this one which has been there for many decades sits on a street in an old neighborhood. I couldn't find anything specifically about it.


  1. The tower was originally constructed by AT&T but the City purchased it about 5-6 years ago as part of its public safety radio system bond package. The City now leases back the tower to cellular telephone and microwave providers.

  2. Thanks! Love to find the info behind the photo.

  3. This was part of ATT's "Long Line" microwave relay network. It used to have huge square-ish horn antennas on it when I was a kid. There's an article about the network here: