Sunday, July 18, 2010

Texas Tea

No, no, not oil. (BP thinks they've stanched the British Tea in the gulf but that's another story.) This is a shop window (Wiggy's on W. Sixth) showing some Texas liquors including one called Graham's Texas Tea, a tea vodka. Besides the Texas-shaped bottle we also see locally familiar names: Balcones and Dripping Springs. The Orange Liqueur is Paula's Texas Orange which is made by, yes, our friend Paula. It's been around quite a while and it is used in place of Grand Marnier or Triple Sec in Margaritas and in other mixed drinks that need an orange liqueur. So, yeah, you can drink local around here and not just beer.


  1. There was an article in the lifestyle section a few weeks ago about Texas Tea. I like iced tea and I like vodka but I don't think I'd like them combined. Who knows. It's worth a taste.

  2. Thanks for the mention! We'd love for you to try the tea and let us know what you think! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter - we always post where we're going to be out around town!

    The first product we came out with was Treaty Oak Platinum Rum - if you're into local spirits, you might like that, too.

    - Graham's Texas Tea

  3. My friend Vicky owns Wiggy's with her husband and would love your mention.