Monday, September 20, 2010

Spanning Cesar Chavez

The Pfluger Bike and Pedestrian Bridge is being extended across Cesar Chavez. My friend Jackie took pictures of the work Saturday. When the span is complete bikes can avoid the light and zoom across and around to the Lance Armstrong bike way. There isn't really a proper and safe pedestrian way on this side of the street so pedestrians will have to be more adventurous! Unless they live in the Gables Park Plaza Apartments...then this looks like a multimillion dollar entrance to their place. I understand more money will be lavished on some way to more safely walk to our area of downtown. And I've just been told that the sidewalks under Third Street on Lamar have been improved. Have to check that out. You may remember that I walked over to the park in this area to take a picture of an artwork that looks like a table from Alice in Wonderland. If you are south of the river you can use this elaborate bridge to go there and have a picnic. Let's meet there on a cool, crisp day when the bridge is complete and have some cake.

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