Thursday, November 25, 2010

Paving the Way for the W

Even the city crews have been busy getting paving done around the about to open W Hotel. Thanks, Jackie for the picture. I love shots almost straight down into the street. Different perspective. In this case showing the new paving and the gray of the W facade as coordinated parts of a painting.


  1. How fun! Had no idea about the "W" hotel!

    Happy Thanksgiving from one member of the American CDP community to another!

  2. You have to admire the W for maintaining their branding in spite of the 43rd president's nickname intruding on everyone's consciousness.

  3. This will be quite an addition to the neighborhood. If they have half as many bars as it has been rumored, there will be plenty more places within blocks to get a drink. Not to mention, when the W condos (it is both a hotel and condo tower) get occupied, that will create the critical mass of home dwellers here in downtown.