Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Million Dollar Bridge

The funny things about this sign and the graffiti? The sidewalk is really not a sidewalk but a bridge which takes one directly across Cesar Chavez to the north side from the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge (which is really a bike and ped bridge). It used to end abruptly overlooking that street and one had to go down a ramp (bikes, brave walkers) or stairs (walkers, trick bikers) to the south side of the street. One still has to do this. So it wasn't really closed so much as never existed. Also the bridge (which has been under construction for quite some time) takes you to a new apartment house or the Lance Armstrong Bike Way where theoretically pedestrians aren't allowed. Since there is no sidewalk along Cesar on the north side here, peds sometimes use the bikeway or walk beside it in the grass. I understand that the sidewalks underneath Third Street have 'been improved' (haven't tried it, takes me a bit out of its way and used to be sort of harrowing because of the narrow sidewalk and heavy traffic) and that a path under the railroad tracks will be built to reach Third Street (possibly not in our lifetime, very expensive, how will they make it safe at night?). So the graffiti writers who seem upset at the 'closing?' Who are they? Random pundits? Bikers? Apartment residents? Sadly when the 'sidewalk' opens it won't add much to our walking experience except give us access to this picnic table. Sunday, when we took this picture, we were on our way back from a walk to the movies at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. Not a hard walk but could be made easier with some pedestrian improvements.

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