Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bodies on the Street

At the risk of getting hits from people looking for something other than the 'fine art' this blog usually promotes, I offer a picture of some folks our friend Jackie encountered on the way home from dinner last night. Not sure what this has to do with music/film/interactive/comedy/fashion (the things I know they are trying to cover now in this SXSW festival) but Jackie encountered this uruly crowd of body-stockinged people who were eager to be photographed. According to Jackie: "They were advertising some sort of noninvasive liposuction (oxymoron?) called coolsculpting." She says they were trying to lure people to a WEB site to win an iPad3. (Which we all know is actually and simply 'the new iPad.') Why is that gadget the prize of choice for such come-ons? SXSW is becoming the hot bed of promotions of all kinds. This same group was projecting some film of people disrobing on the side of a building when we walked home.


  1. I saw this group as well, and at first thought they were part of the ballet troupe, until the second time I saw them, led by the Naked Cowboy. Then I realized this was a promotion of some sort, keeping Austin weird!

  2. Yes, I saw them on E. Sixth Street later when it was closed with the (almost) naked cowboy. (He wears briefs but they are covered by his guitar for the uninitiated.)

  3. Dude, at least wear underwear.