Sunday, April 1, 2012

Art at Idea City

If you go by GSD&M's Idea City right now you will see an installation of these reflective streamers. It is some sort of outdoor art initiative. Went by the second time and tried to scan QR code but didn't get info. It's part of 'Art in Place' or something. Anyway, even when you pound the same pavement things change.

By the way, it's the first of the month (and April Fool's Day) and usually we would participate in a theme day at City Daily Photo. However, the portal is down and has been for over a week. And the theme is cobblestones. We would have had to find some fake ones anyway since we are in Texas where settlers pushing west (and the natives here before them) didn't put down cobblestones. So this is just an ordinary post, no joke. Hope the portal is revived soon but, if not, we will soldier on and we'll collect some links for you to others we favor. Julie from Sydney has created a temporary roundup of those participating in theme day. One of our favorites, Menton Daily Photo, has a particularly nice photo today.

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