Monday, April 2, 2012

SlimFest for SlimCare

Slim Richey, eminent guitar player and leader of several bands including the Jitterbug Vipers seen here, was hit by a car not long ago while loading after a gig. Fortunately he got patched up but the way medical bills get paid in Austin for musicians has nothing to do with the President's plan at the moment. Yesterday at Threadgill's World Headquarters outdoor venue scores of musicians played; fans donated $10 and up; T-Shirts, posters, and CDs were sold; a silent auction peddled donations from fans and venues. I'm not sure it made a dent in the bills, but a good time was had by all.

That's singer Sarah Sharp on the left, drummer Masumi Jones in the middle and Slim on the right. If the sign hadn't said 2012 and if everyone wasn't shooting pictures with phones and digital cameras, you might have thought you'd gone back in time with lots of venerable music and venerable players. Back many decades even since a lot of the groups were playing music that reflects other eras like the Vipers (who describe their style as "danceable jazz music from the thirties and forties.")

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