Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kicking off the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

Every year there is an event (now held in the Palmer Events Center) that is near and dear to my heart. Why? Because it is a Christmas event but starts at a respectable distance into the season. It features unique artists and purveyors with something a little different than your malls. And they have several musical acts a day. Oh, and they serve alcohol. It's the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.

We noticed that Ruby Jane and her band were kicking off the festivities yesterday. So we walked over to Palmer at noon and caught both their sets. That's Ruby Jane fiddling and the wonderful Trevor LaBonte playing lead guitar. The fun goes on 11 A.M. until 11 P.M. right up to Christmas Eve I think. You can buy handmade belts, vintage event posters, art, toys, geegaws, jewelry and other stuff while listening to music and, if you like, having a nip of Christmas cheer.


  1. The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar is one thing all Austinites and visitors must do when visiting Austin.

  2. We agree that the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar is a must-do event. We just added it to our Austin holiday favorites post!