Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back Room Politics

In honor of Washington's fumbling and posturing that was going on yesterday (and will continue to do so) I present a detail (actually most of the painting) from a painting by Rosemary Mahoney called "Texas Two Step" at the Driskill Hotel. A plaque says:

It is said that although Texas laws were passed at the State Capitol a few blocks to the north, the real wheeling and dealing in Texas politics took place in the lobbies and back rooms of The Driskill Hotel. 
Home to LBJ's White House press corps, and the scene of campaign events and election night vigils, The Driskill Hotel has earned the reputation of being the political capital of Texas. 
Some might disagree and say more happens at the Austin Club these days or even the Cloak Room (is that dive bar still open?) but I still think about a lot of oblivious men of a certain type making the rules in some back room.

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  1. When I was a lege staff person, I remember the "wheeling and dealing" happened at the Austin Club more than the Cloak Room.