Friday, January 4, 2013

RIP, Houston McCoy

Houston McCoy, the man who ended the University of Texas Tower Sniper's killing spree with two shotgun rounds on August 1, 1966, was honored today in the San Saba Presidio, just outside his hometown of Menard, Texas.

Here you see the APD honor guard carrying his casket. (This was a ceremonial "burial" at the Presidio. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered along the San Saba.) Many honors were given to Houston -- APD Chief Art Acevedo gave a magnificent eulogy at the First Baptist Church in Menard as did his fellow officers Phillip Conner and Milton Shoquist (who were also on top of the Tower that day). His valiant daughter Monika McCoy who has fought for years to give her pop the honor he deserved, also spoke as did Beverly Jean Speed, whose APD officer husband Billy Paul Speed was killed that fateful day.

At the Presidio, there was a "missing man formation" flyover, a riderless horse from APD, the APD bagpipes corps with a lone piper walking off at the end playing "Amazing Grace," rifle volleys and "Taps" played by two trumpets in harmony. At the end of the ceremonies, about twenty balloons were set free to symbolize Houston's love of flying. It was moving to see those balloons soaring up in the gray west Texas sky as the bagpipers played. His ashes will be scattered on the banks of the San Saba River near the area where he grew up. At least forty APD officers, including many retirees, attended.


  1. Forrest, knowing how much Aug. 1, 1966 meant to you, I'm glad you were able to be there at Officer McCoy's funeral.

  2. Replies
    1. You mention McCoy is being carried to his final resting place, and then mention his ashes will be scattered along the river - how does that work?

  3. These men were great men who put it all on the line that day to stop a sick individual from taking another inocent life. They were brave men and fine officers who were a special breed. They will never be forgotten and live through all of us who have worn the badge or currently wear it. Thank you to these great men who made such a difference. With each of these officers who passes on, the world feels a little emptier. They will be missed but will live on as long as the badge and great men exist!

  4. These were great men who made a great diffrence and touched many lives. The world feels a bit emptier with each one of these great men that pass on. As long as the badge and great men exist there memory will live on always! Thank you for paving the way and for being heros to many of us. You will never be forgotten!