Friday, February 1, 2013


We are in the midst of a too-long drought and sometimes we even lose track of our parapluies (as the French would call the portable rain protection we call umbrellas). But we also call the shades for tables at outdoor restaurants umbrellas. These are at a café near the University that sells frozen yogurt and smoothies.

It's Theme Day at City Daily Photo. Click here to see umbrella photos from around the world.


  1. i love frozen yogurt. i'll take a chocolate with carob chips, yum!

  2. We were on the same wavelength for today's theme. Must have been too early for yougurt/smoothie customers when you took this shot.

  3. Those Yoghurt places are all the rage down here now too, every time we turn around there is a new opening.

    Happy Theme Day :)

  4. Red mango yoghurt. That's a thought! Nice!!