Thursday, December 6, 2007

Austin in Costume

Austin is a dress up kind of town. And I don't mean ball gowns and tuxedos although I guess that scene gets its due. I mean costumes. Costumes are not just for Halloween might be the motto. Hence there is a store on South Congress that has, for as long as I can remember, sold and rented stuff so you can dress up as, well, anything. It's called 'Lucy in Disguise.' I personally rented a black leather jacket, a Bombay jacket and bought various costume accessories at this shop. I wanted to rent a Gumby costume but the one they had was made for someone a foot taller. Anyway I'm not much of a costume person anymore (I'm barely capable of making my normal wardrobe appropriate yet interesting) but they continue to entertain me with their window display and this (relatively new?) mural and sculpture atop the shop.


  1. I love the new mural. This place is fun to stroll through. Once for a friend's birthday we rented her a ball gown and she was a princess for a day!

  2. eww, i dont like it. its so.. comercial. where is the zebra? where are the srtips? i dont like this one bit. the old one was hella better.