Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Shadow of the Mighty Oak

This isn't in a vast verdant park somewhere but is itself a stone's throw from the 360 and Zona Rosa and Mellow Johnny's. The latter two are newer businesses partially or wholly in buildings that have been around a while. It is on a plot of land the size of the tree's canopy beside a bank drive through. This live oak tree, judging from its girth, is literally hundreds of years old. Zoey the Urban Standard Poodle (she has already memorized where the 'dog entrance' to the 360 is and stops there but looks pleadingly for another tour around the block) volunteered to stand by the tree to show its size. The tree appears to be wildly healthy (unlike another of its generation, The Treaty Oak on Baylor Street, which someone tried to poison a few years back). My upstairs neighbor (Zoey's slave) and I think this is a great place to bring her on her constitutional.

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