Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home with the Armadillos

We were out of town for a week and yesterday and today I've relied on the snaps from my friend Jackie. This is a detail of the armadillos decorating Threadgill's on Riverside near the site of the old Armadillo World Headquarters (where FFP and I had our first date). Back in the seventies, the armadillo became a surreal symbol for music posters and ads because of the art of Jim Franklin. I showed you a collage from this restaurant here.

Personally I'll never forget the posters with giant armadillos and Lone Star Beer bottles in a scrubby Hill Country or West Texas landscape.

Just as a reminder, in case you didn't follow the link, Threadgill's two locations are great places for comfort food, 365 days a year. Which means we like to eat Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners there sometimes.

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