Sunday, August 9, 2009

Peaceful Lake in the City

My friend Jackie took this from the Mopac Pedestrian bridge over Lady Bird Lake, capturing the skyline behind the still and peaceful water. Those guys paddling appear to have the lake to themselves. I looked through most of the pictures I've shown you and I couldn't find any from this perspective. Although I have walked over that bridge the light has always been harsh looking east. (Guess I should get up earlier!) Thanks Jackie for adding new perspectives to Austin, Texas Daily Photo.

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  1. BTW-- for any of you who may have wondered which bldg. Linda and I live in, it's the tall one in the very middle of this shot, with the needle on top. (To the left of the one with the crane still working.)

    We have been told that our home is the tallest residential-only bldg west of the Mississippi.