Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Face of Parking

All around downtown, these machines are showing up to print parking receipts that you put in your car for the meter men and meter maids to see. They take coins and credit cards. Machines like these have been used for decades in other cities (especially in Europe?) but this is new in Austin. I haven't actually used one yet since I have my parking spot downtown and I haven't helped anyone else use one.


  1. When I am downtown I avoid these monster looking things like the plague. They are rather intimidating to me....

  2. I'm not a fan...I don't like the trash they produce - stickers and receipts, and I don't like the extra trip I have to take back to my car. Hmph!!

    I imagine the save money for the city, though...not having to install so many meters on new streets? Or something like that?