Monday, October 12, 2009

If We Don't Like Something We Have a Concert

Last night there were several concerts around Austin to benefit a group trying to return long-time DJs Larry Monroe and Paul Ray to local public radio station KUT after they were laid off. We went to Antone's where the lineup of blues was nothing short of amazing. This is a picture of Grammy winner blues man (and 'super harp') James Cotton (seated) blasting a tune. (Taken with iPhone by FFP.) I don't know what will happen with the fan dispute over the radio executive's decision. But this was a legendary concert. KUT should see if they can't harness this force for their own good. Someone, it might have been Jim Franklin, legendary poster artist who did some MC work, said "If we don't like something in Austin, we have a concert." There are worse recipes for peaceful coexistence. I usually think it's an empty phrase but some nights I think we really are the Live Music Capital.

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