Friday, October 2, 2009

Mural Saved, Detail

When the building occupied by Las Manitas and Tesoros Trading was torn down to make way for a hotel (which has yet to start because of the economy), I thought this mural was lost. I recorded it here. However, the mural was saved and placed along Third Street on that block. I've shown a detail here. Many times these murals are lost and only preserved through photos. This one was constructed and painted on wood so it was salvageable but it is also weathering as time goes by.


  1. Had no idea the mural was saved! Will look for it, thanks to you. Very very sad about the tear down of Las Manitas and was determined to throw an egg at the Mariott each time I drove by.

  2. I think the hotel will be an asset if it's ever built. Too bad Las Manitas didn't reconstitute itself in the building it owned. Too expensive I guess. Tesoros went happily (I guess) to SoCo.