Monday, October 5, 2009

Lost in the Fog

It isn't raining this morning but, as the pilots say, 'the ceiling is low.' This picture would show you the top of the Austonian except it's lost in the fog. (See a recent picture here.) If you'd bought the penthouse and it was finished, you'd be in the clouds this morning. To refresh your memory, the closest building is AMLI on Second (actually stretches from 2nd to 3rd) and the construction in the next block is the W Hotel, Condos and Austin City Limits studio.

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  1. Thanks FP and Linda! I've been enjoying your blog for a while now, and yes, I think I do live pretty near to you :)

    The month of October will be UT-themed on my blog, since I work there and am going to be more busy than normal this month. It's nice to have some stocks to rely on sometimes. Have a great (if a little dreary) day!