Friday, November 13, 2009

Up on the roof

I am now doing weekly entries on a construction blog for Arthouse at Jones Center, (go to this link and then click on my name on the left-hand column), a contemporary art space at 7th and Congress, in the heart of downtown Austin.

The other day, I clambered up onto the roof and took this shot.

Take one last long look at the way it looks now. The workers are ready to start prepping for laying down the concrete masonry units. These cinder blocks will underpin the nearly 5 feet of additional height above the existing roof upon which the new rooftop deck will be built. When done, the roof will be a showplace for outdoor movies (a large screen will be up there) and parties.

By the way, this edifice was constructed in 1851 and was the first three-story brick building in Austin. It has been, among other things, a drug store, a law office, a movie theater and a dress shop.

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