Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FFP's Moment in Time

Yesterday, Linda outlined the "rules of the game" that we were playing on Sunday morning for the New York Times' Lens Blog project. At 10:03 our time (they gave you leeway for a few minutes either side of 10:00), I was standing to the west of Linda and snapped this shot of a pet dog emerging from Lady Bird Lake after retrieving a tennis ball his master had thrown into the water. Unfortunately, he dropped the ball just before I could get my lens to open--it is hidden behind him. But the shot does show a nice contrast of our natural and man-made environments in the center of our city. They had a "play" category, so that is where I submitted this one. From what I read, they received over 10,000 shots in short order and who knows when they'll be able to get all of them posted.

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