Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today is theme day on City Daily Photo. I missed last month. Just slept through a chance to riff on a theme with the other daily picture bloggers. This month, though, we're back to participating. The theme is 'statues.' Every city and town and village has some and ours is no exception. Since it's the state capital we have the Capitol Building and grounds. Lots of statues. There two, though, are my favorites. The one atop the Capitol dome is Lady Liberty with the Lone Star (great story about her removal and replacement with a copy during renovation for another day); and the one in the foreground which is an old monument to volunteer fireman who died in the line of duty. The oldest one I saw was for a man who died in 1877 during a fire at the 'Blind Institute.' There are many names on the side you can see of volunteers who died at Texas City in 1947 explosions and fires at the port. This was one of the worst industrial accidents in the history of the U.S.

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