Monday, May 3, 2010

A Moment in Time

Yesterday we attempted to participate in a New York Times Lens Blog project where people were asked to take a picture at 15:00 UTC (10AM Central Time in U.S.) and submit them for processing to the blog as a 'Moment in Time.' We chose to position ourselves at Auditorium Shores where the off leash park and the temperate Sunday combined for lots of 'play' which was one of the themes. This isn't the picture I used because it was taken over ten minutes before the appointed hour and I chose one taken closer to the appointed hour. (The rules seem to admit a few minutes before or after 10AM and we chose to say that meant two or three minutes, not over ten minutes.) The shot I used looked toward our building but had dogs in the water and boats. I may show it tomorrow or show you the happy dog that FFP used for his contribution to the project. Unless, of course, when the project gets up (they had 10K plus pictures submitted) I can figure out a way to point you to our pictures there. I have a feeling it's going to be hard to find an individual picture but it should be fun browsing.


  1. I uploaded my photo twice as I wasn't sure it took the first time around. Nice scene here.

  2. Nice idle moment. Really lovely.

  3. This is great! Really captures the feel of things, and the contrasting colors are beautiful!