Saturday, February 11, 2012

Downtown At Our Feet

I won't lie to you. Sometimes we go to high rise parties just to thrill at the views. We are standing on a balcony on the thirtieth floor on the west side of the Four Seasons Residences. The unit is unsold if you are interested. The room next to this balcony could just about fit our unit in the 360 inside of it. The unsold and unfinished (just roughed out walls and concrete floors) unit had been outfitted with art by Lance Letcsher and some rugs and tables and a bar. We stopped by to see the art (we are fans) and, of course, check out the views. It had dramatic ones to the north and south, too. This was Thursday night and we later attended a benefit on the 55th floor of the Austonian. We'd been before but it is always nice to look out on the city from high above.

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