Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fairy Stairs

There is a house on an alley behind the center that holds Alamo Draft House South and there is fairy dust in the air there. The alley's surface is covered with painted, glittered decorations and the house itself bright with paint and decoration extended to the curb. These are the stairs up to the front. I'd never encountered the house before until I met an owner at a party. The light was harsh in the waning hours yesterday but I like how it streamed through the fence here. They call the place Casa Wonderlandia and, of course, there is a facebook page you can like.

1 comment:

  1. Wow - can you believe I stayed down the street from this house. (at an airbnb place) I had no idea!!! I thought it looked pretty from the outside and saw some people with kids outside and thought oh a daycare. I am so bummed I did not investigate further!

    By the way I absolutely loved Austin...I thought when I saw those guitars at the luggage carousel that "I'm gonna like this place"!

    P.S. And LOVED the Alamo Drafthouse!!!!