Monday, February 13, 2012

Objects May Appear Closer

Shot this from the Sky Lounge terrace at Four Seasons Residences last Friday as the sun was going down. Zoomed in on the Capitol. This creates an illusion where the UT Tower and other UT-area buildings appear closer both to the camera and to the Capitol than they actually are. I think the tower is about 14 blocks from the Capitol. For extra points, identify the building to the left of both.


  1. A photo like this one always reminds me of this passage from one of my favorite books, "The Gay Place," about our town:

    It is a pleasant city, clean and quiet, with wide rambling walks and elaborate public gardens and elegant old homes faintly ruined in the shadow of arching poplars. Occasionally through the trees, and always from a point of higher ground, one can see the college tower and the Capitol building. On brilliant mornings the white sandstone of the tower and the Capitol's granite dome are joined for an instant, all pink and cream, catching the first light.
    --from "The Gay Place"

  2. To the left is the Cambridge Tower condos.

    Nice shot.

  3. Would that building be the Scottish Rite Dorm?