Friday, January 15, 2016

Burger Boom

There always seems to be some burger joint where people in this town are standing in line for the wondrous offerings. We have never tried most of them because we don't eat burgers every week. But we did try Shake Shack one day on our exercise walk. (Negating any effect of the exercise no doubt.) Two Shack Burgers with cheese and one order of crinkly fries. The funny thing is that we go to New York City now and again. And that's where Shake Shack originates. Never been to a shop there. We still haven't tried the local P Terry's or the California In 'N Out Burger or Hopdoddy (Although I think we have taken pictures of lines there!) Our favorite joints for this sort of fare are Billy's on Burnet and Dirty's. And truthfully at Billy's I always get an avocado Reuben which not only isn't a burger but has no meat!


  1. I wonder if FFP remembers Mooreburgers. Yum, yum!

  2. He says he does "from when he was a kid."