Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Jackie shot this from the trail. The building almost looks finished (except you will notice a construction elevator on the right edge). It is an apartment building going up on the site of the former Green Water Treatment Plant and it is called Northshore because, of course, it's on the north shore of Lady Bird Lake! When we moved downtown the lot that this building partially occupies was filled with the holding tanks and a water tower for the treatment plant. It was decommissioned in a very interesting demolition activity. Rendered into a sandbox and then a holding pond that was meticulously kept green by the city until this construction began. We had a pretty good view of this construction from our building's vantage point on the other side, but the building is gradually disappearing to us because of the office building being constructed on the same lot (you can just see a crane in the area to the right of the building in this picture). It is fascinating to be a witness to the evolution of our neighborhood.

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