Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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I took this on the Fourth of July this year from Headliners Club in the Chase Building. Last year a similar shot showed a hole in the ground where the white crane is and the W Hotel is rising. I understand it will be almost twice as tall as the AMLI (silver building) so next year Auditorium Shores and Long Center won't be nearly as visible, if they are at all, from that twenty-first floor perch. Last yea's shot was taken later and showed more people and the green light already on the AMLI. By the end of next year the skyline will be pretty settled, I think. We will have some time to get used to it before the next round of building gets underway.

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  1. See the 8 or so story building that looks like its behind the Long Center (Palmer Auditorium to me)? I remember when that was just an empty field with a sign that announced the building was coming. We had a shindig on the land after a parade down Congress, funny how I can remember that, but cant remember where my keys are.