Thursday, July 9, 2009

Invisible Apartments

I shot this from the Headliners Club in the Chase building on the 4th. The building on the left is the Austonian which we can see most of (from about the tenth or twelfth floor up) from our window right now. The building on the right, the Ashton apartments, is completely hidden by the AMLI on Second. We were talking recently with someone about how all the units in these buildings will be filled. I always think "but it's only about a 1000 or less places among all the buildings recently finished or close to finished" (Austonian, Spring, Ashton, Legacy, some lower rise Gables and such, etc.). Surely not much more than 2000. For a metro area of over a million and a half with 65,000 people coming downtown to work each day, maybe it's not such a staggering amount of housing stock. This is a closer view (with prettier sunset light) than this one shown May 9th. And the Austonian is eight stories higher.

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