Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lucky Venue

I confess. I'd never darkened the door of the Lucky Lounge on Fifth Street. I'd wondered at the strange lighting in the window (turns out it looks very cool from inside!) but that's it. But last night on a cold and blustery evening of a day that saw what passes for winter here most of the time (melting sleet) they had a jazz happy hour. I took this picture of their nifty little stage while the group was on a break. It's a neat bar, with comfy seating and a great sound. The Jeff Lofton (warning music on link) Quartet played. we're big fans and he's been featured here before. The sound in this venue is wonderful. This is going to be a Wednesday night gig (5:30-8PM) for a while. Last night Kellye Gray stopped by and grabbed a mike for a couple of tunes. Fantastic.

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