Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cars To Go!

Austin is Idea City and now it's the first US test site for the Car2Go concept. The deal is, you get a chip on a card and when you need a car, you get in one of these, start it up, finish your trip, and leave it. Linda and I were out walking the other day and saw this line of four cars in front of a condo building not far from ours. The cost is 19 cents a minute to use one if you are enrolled in the program. Here is an article about the idea.


  1. Those are such SMART cars! What a concept! Back in 1960, my grand parents would have said, "HUH??!" to an idea like that!

  2. Love to hear how this works out. Seems like an interesting concept in theory.

  3. I saw this very line of cars just a few days ago. I thought "what a cool pic this would make." Glad you beat me to it!

    And yes, I do like this concept. Hope it becomes a nation-wide trend.