Friday, January 22, 2010

Significant Contribution to Texas History

Strolled over to the Texas State Cemetery with a friend yesterday. (It was a fine almost summery day here and the cemetery is less than two miles from our downtown condo.) I'd never been inside although I shot this picture of the large Texas flag at the entrance for you one day while driving by. Primarily used to bury state officials, there is an avenue for the non-politician to be buried here by the governor or the legislature's proclamation or by the cemetery committee determining that you made a significant contribution to the state in one of a number of areas including sports. So I shouldn't have been surprised to find a headstone for Tom Landry who was a legendary coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Note the signature hat and the star logo. And, of course, anyone who watched the Texas-based cartoon "King of the Hill" knows that in it there is a Tom Landry Middle School in it. In Texas, you can go far as a football coach!

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  1. It's worth a visit, just to see who is buried there.